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TrackYourCEs is developed and supported by TrackYourHours.  For years TrackYourHours has provided California trainees and interns a simple way to track and document hours for licensure.  Over the years we have seen many licensed professionals in California experience issues remaining compliant with their CE requirements.  The solution?  TrackYourCEs!  


Building on the concepts that have made TrackYourHours an invaluable tool for trainees and interns we are building a tool that that will make the CE process as simple as possible.


What will TrackYourCEUs do for you?


1) We show you exactly how many CEs you need to complete in each domain during each renewal cycle.  You are busy.  Let us monitor the BBS CE regulations for you.  When there are changes we update our site and notify you.  


2)  We remind you of the requirements and send you reminders so you don't wait until the month before your license renewal date to complete your hours.  This reduces stress and ensures that you remain compliant with the CE requirements.  


3) We keep your data safe and secure.  If you get audited by the BBS you will need to submit your CE certificates. Did you save them?  Are they lost?  Did your hard drive crash?  With TrackYourCEs you can upload your certificates to the cloud so they are safe.  


4) We save you time and money.  How do you currently pick your CEs?  You probably go to one site and look for a course that looks somewhat interesting.  At TrackYourCEs we bring the CEs to you.  Our partners post their CEs on our site so you can shop around without visiting multiple sites.  

How much does it cost?


TrackYourCEs is FREE.

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