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Progress Update

The development of TrackYourCEUs is going really well. We can't commit to a launch date but you will see in this video preview that we are getting close! We are working as quickly as we can.

What does TrackYourCEUs offer?

  • Designed specifically for California BBS requirements. We monitor the requirements so you don't have to.

  • Versions for LMFT, LPCC and LCSW licenses.

  • Track multiple licenses simultaneously.

  • Track CEU courses and other experiences that can be claimed:

  • Teaching a course

  • BBS Enforcement Case Review

  • BBS Subject Matter Expert

  • Professional Law and Ethics Review Committee participation

  • Split hours from a course between multiple categories.

  • Upload your certificates to the cloud for save keeping.

  • Audited? Download all certificates from a renewal period with one click.

  • Easily shop for CEUs from our partners.

We are on a mission to make compliance with the CEU requirements easy and to drive improvement in the quality of CEUs.


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